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Blanchat offers the only fine fuel apparatus with an Exterior Fire Attack Position which follows SAE J1194

required by the new 2016 NFPA 1906 standard for roll-over protection during pump and roll.

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The B-27 Minuteman is one of the most functional

trucks for any fire department.

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We believe the NFPA must recognize the need of fine fuel firefighters

to utilize an Exterior Fire Attack Position on their trucks.

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BLESS (Blanchat Lift Emergency Stabilizing System) is a

tactical approach towards stabilization and recovery for a

wide variety of rescue scenarios.

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The Xtreme Offroad Package includes four 16 ply

H-rated tires with a 6,400 lb load rating per tire.

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The NFPA 1906 committee voted to include the Exterior Fire Attack Position which complies with the roll-over and crush

standards of SAE J1194 in the 2016 edition. Blanchat is the originator and the only manufacturer which has complied since 2010.

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We will NOT get beat on...



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  • Introducing: The BEAST Tools

    The BEAST (Blanchat External / Interior Attack Structure Tools) allows firefighters to safely make an interior attack from the outside. This eliminates having to open up a structure or enter a hostile environment, decreasing flashover risk.


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  • NFPA must recognize the Exterior Fire Attack Position

    Blanchat has expended a significant amount of time and effort to develop an Exterior Fire Attack Operational Area which follows the side impact and crush criteria of roll-over protection standard SAE J1194. (The same standard used for wheeled agricultural tractors.)


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Why Choose Blanchat?

Blanchat Mfg., Inc. offers many features that come from personal participation and experience during on-scene involvement where problems have occurred. Innovations like the BATROPS (Blanchat Apparatus Transverse Roll Over Protection System) with the Saddle Gate provide six sides of steel protection following SAE J1194. Blanchat trucks are specifically designed to be less hazardous to ride during pump and roll.


Greg BlanchatSince 1984, I have not only been part of my local fire department, but I have also visited others across the United States. While traveling, I have witnessed the dangers and mistakes that occur in this profession. Through the devastation of this natural threat, I have gained a personal motivation and passion to design a way to provide safety for fellow firefighters. Blanchat Mfg., Inc.'s main priority is to supply safer means in order to accomplish a hazardous task. Our equipment is reliable, user friendly and ready to perform in the most extreme situations. My ultimate goal is to never stop helping protect my brother firefighters from harm while in the line of duty. This is why my company lives by the motto, No matter what, there is always a better way.

Greg Blanchat

Owner / President

Recently Delivered Units

  • Idalia FD

    Location: Idalia, CO 80735 USA

    Model: B-8 Chaparral Brush Pumper

    Delivered: 2017-02-23

  • Kindersley FD

    Location: Kindersley, SK  S0L 1S0 CANADA

    Model: B-5 Chaparral Xtreme Brush Truck

    Delivered: 2017-02-16

  • Watervliet FD

    Location: Watervliet, MI 49098 USA

    Model: B-3 Chaparral Xtreme Wildland Type 6 Brush Truck

    Delivered: 2017-01-09

  • Massac County FPD

    Location: Metropolis, IL 62960 USA

    Model: B-5 Chaparral Xtreme Demo Brush Truck/Type 5 Wildland Engine

    Delivered: 2016-11-28

  • Lake Sumner FD

    Location: Lake Sumner, NM 88119 USA

    Model: B-5 Chaparral Xtreme Brush Truck/Type 5 Wildland Engine

    Delivered: 2016-11-16



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  • Upcoming Events

    • FDIC 2017

      • April 27-29, 2017
      • Indianapolis, IN
      • Booth 4931 and 4539

  • For Sale: Demo Units

    • B-27 Minuteman Demo

      This B-27 Minuteman bed is mounted on a 2015 Ford F550XLT extended cab, 4x4, gas chassis with  3,873 miles. It has a 400 gallon polypropylene tank, HPX200 with Briggs 23HP pump, FoamPro 1601, CAFS, stainless steel plumbing, front and rear lower storage boxes, covered top hose bed, aluminum upper storage boxes, backboard storage, BLESS system, three (3) sweeps, Onan 5.5 Generator w/scene lights, and much more!!


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    • 1999 Peterbilt 3200 gallon Tender

      • Hot shift 500 GPM PTO pump
      • Secondary Hale HPX200 pump with Briggs 23 HP motor (for pump and roll)
      • 3200 gallon fiberglass tank
      • Darley FF250 foam injection system
      • Onan 5kW commercial grade generator
      • Two 1500 watt FOCUS extend-a-lites
      • Auto eject battery maintainer
      • Auto eject air
      • Two crosslays
      • 1" Whipline
      • Rear quick dump
      • 6" quick fill
      • Rapid transfer fill
      • (Total of 6 pre-connects)
      • Two (2) 2’ x 2’ x 5’ long boxes with upswing doors
      • Two (2) 2’ x 2’ x 3’ long boxes with upswing doors
      • Side hose bed above boxes 200" long x 8" wide x 6" tall
      • Towing package for air brakes


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    • M548 Hellcat Extreme Terrain Wildland Vehicle

      • Hale HPX100 BD26 high pressure diesel pump
      • Two pre-connected 1-1/2" crosslays
      • 80 cubic feet of functional compartment space with 3 access doors
      • Pump and roll capability
      • ROPS (Roll-Over Protection System) designed for protection in brush
      • 1250 gallon tank (top of tank below cab door handle for lowest center of gravity)
      • 30,000 pound winch
      • Blade not included


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What Our Customers Say

  • ...the unit is working really well. It is the work horse of the department, using it for all medical/vehicle accident/vegetation fire emergencies. All the personnel loves the unit.

    Chief Greg O’Sullivan
    Templeton FD
    Templeton, CA
  • Just to let you know we had the truck on 3 grass fires. WORKED GREAT. The guys love it.

    Chief Ron Parrott
    Hartford City FD
    Hartford City, IN

  • We have been using the hell out of that truck, everything has been working great and it comes in handy. We are very glad we bought it, keep building a great product!!

    Craig Peterson, Deputy Chief
    City of Crescent, IA
    Crescent Fire & Rescue



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 Blanchat Mfg., Inc.

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