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Martensville Saskatchewan Testimonial

Gary David / Martensville, Saskatchewan

"I just experienced the most amazing interior attack that I have ever seen. I have been a firefighter for 17 years and this left me speechless. Greg came through our town on the way to deliver a B-27 Minuteman to Tanana, Alaska and stopped to demo the truck for several departments in the area. He demonstrated an interior attack from the exterior using a jammer staff to pierce a hole in the exterior wall then attached a customized tip to the CAFS line that reached inside the structure. Another Captain and I were inside the burning building to view the demo from the fires point of view. We set up a burn pan with normal combustibles. It was an enclosed room and the fire was near rollover when Greg began his “interior attack”. He inserted the nozzle and sprayed a ten second burst. Only the first 2 seconds were required! It was completely extinguished and the maximum water usage was about 3 gallons. I can’t believe that insurance companies aren’t enforcing city administrators to deploy this technology. The B-27 is a very impressive unit and it is nice to see a product where the owner of the company comes to show you how it works. Keep up the great work!"

"Monument VFD chose Blanchat to supply our latest two brush trucks for several reasons.  We had previously purchased a rescue pumper from Blanchat and were pleased with their quality and support.  Blanchat’s published pricing on truck options made it easy to build a truck to our specifications and budget.  Blanchat’s compliance with NFPA wildland specifications enabled us to increase FF safety and use state funding to cover a portion of the purchase price.  Lastly, Blanchat was willing to customize several aspects of the truck to meet MVFD unique requirements.  In total, the acquisition of these two Blanchat brush trucks has significantly increased MVFD’s wildland capability at a good value to the citizens of Lea County, NM."

Monument VFD Testimonial

Stephen Barr /
Monument Volunteer Fire Dept. 
Monument, NM

Northern Hardin County FD

"Saturday afternoon the truck made its first run to a trailer and pickup truck that was hauling straw that caught fire which also caught 2 fields on fire. The neighboring department called us and the truck performed absolutely great! It is finally nice to have a brush/grass truck that works and can kick butt! It got all dirty and muddy the first time, its first run initiation . The guys that worked the truck were very impressed. Just wanted to share."

Chief Ron Dysert / 
Northern Hardin County Fire District
Dunkirk, OH

"Please tell Scott and everyone that worked on our trucks that they did an extremely great job. The trucks were received by the firefighters like kids with new toys at Christmas!!!! We have already used Brush 2 on a grass fire yesterday evening and it performed as expected (GREAT),  "The workmanship and fine details that went into each unit was above and beyond". Again pass the word on to everyone and look forward to working with Blanchat in the future."

Randy Atchley
Foyil Fire Protection District
Foyil, OK

Foyil Fire Protection District
Crescent Fire & Rescue

"We have been using the hell out of that truck, everything has been working great and it comes in handy. We are very glad we bought it, keep building a great product!!"

Craig Peterson, Deputy Chief
City of Crescent, IA
Crescent Fire & Rescue

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