The Chaparral is the wildland, first response, quick attack  truck. It is designed to be the first truck out of the station giving other engines the crucial time to setup.

Idabel B-27 (Side) 2019-0811.jpg


The Patriot fire bed is typically installed on a mid-sized 4x4 chassis. It is essentially a larger version of the Minuteman.


The Patriot is highly customizable with a standard Hale HPX200 with Briggs & Stratton 23hp engine dual pump system and 800 gallon poly tank. 

Arlington OR B56 2020-0123.jpg


The Gunfighter is a tender/pumper truck. The Gunfighter has three (3) basic configurations. Like the Patriot, the Gunfighter is highly customizable. It is usually built on a chassis capable of carrying at least 60,000 lbs.

Pointe Coupee B-76 (another side view) 2


The Minuteman is one of the most functional trucks for a fire department. It is designed to meet the inital response needs for rescue and extrication, medical emergencies, wildland and structural fire attack. It is versatile with its ability to change functions at a moment's notice.