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1. User Friendly 

Ability to instruct the pump operator to effectively operate the CAF system in under two minutes. 

2. The hose line will only be charged with a firefighting solution.

Firefighting solution will only be water, water-foam solution or CAFS. Under no circumstance will the attack line be charged with just air. 

3. Instant CAFS 

When the hose line is charged there will be no more than a two second delay with the perfect mixture of CAFS. 

4. Absolutely No Slugging 

CAF system will not produce the slugging effect. 

5. Pump Pressure Variation 

Pressure variances during operations on water and/or air will not affect the CAF system. 

6. No Foam, No Air

Air will only come on if the foam system is activated and air will shut off when there is no more foam concentrate in the system. 

7. Flow Control 

The firefighter controls the flow at the nozzle. The pumps operator only controls the mixture. 

8. Mixture Control 

Mixture control will be mechanically conducted inside the system and be operator physically with at least three hand driven locking presets. 

9. Alternate between Water and CAFS

Able to alternate between water and CAFS without interruption.(With a minimum water flow of 100 gallons per minute).

10. Bubble Structure Consistency 

The benchmark for functional CAFS foam solution is to produce a product similar to shaving cream. 

11. Scrub 

The mixing of water-foam solution and air will be 100% complete before it reaches the hose line. 

12. Stream Reach 

CAFS has the same reach of water and can be sprayed into the wind the same as water. 

13. Reliability 

You do not have to exercise the CAF system to keep its operational integrity and efficiency. 

14. Ease of Maintenance 

Total maintenance time per year is one hour or less. 

15. Warranty 

A minimum 10 year warranty on the CAF system. 

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