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Yoder FPD 2024-05-30

Yoder FPD 2024-05-30

Yoder FPD 2024-05-30
Location: Yoder, WY 82244
Model: B-8 Chaparral Xtreme Brush Truck
Chassis: 2023 Ford F750 Crew Cab, 6.7L Diesel, 4x4, 33,000GVW, 168"CA
Delivered: 2024-04-10
Serial #: 2308RX07

Body, Welded
Material, Premium Structural and Sheet Steel
Crosswalk, BATROPS, which complies with SAE J1194 in the seated or standing positions in two (2) "Pump and Roll Fire Attack Operational Areas"
Compartment, Tank, Recessed, for a low center of gravity
Crosslay, Transverse, 7", in crosswalk area
Rear Bumper, 3" x 10" x 1/4" Steel Tube, attached to chassis frame
Receiver Tube, Rear Bumper
Safety Gate, Chest Saddle, Crosswalk
Harness, Body, 4 Point with three (3) retractors per side, six (6) total retractors
Tank, Polypropylene, 800 gallon, with sump
Water Level Indicator, Tankvision
Pump, Rowe RPM2 with Kohler 19hp EFI engine
Pump Primer, Hand-Operated
Manifold, Discharge, and Steel Plumbing
Discharge, Preconnected, 1-1/2" Crosslay
Discharge, Preconnected, 1" Whipline in crosswalk
Suction, 2-1/2" Pump to Draft, with full port valve
Suction, 3" Tank to Pump, with full port valve
Pump Panel, Custom, with flip-up lid, located in Crosswalk
Trim Package, Bright Aluminum Tread in Crosswalk and Rear Deck
Trim Package, Stainless Steel Chip Rails
Coating Package, Superliner, on crosslay and rear bumper
Coating Package, Corashield, on underbody
Mud Flap, behind rear tire
Light Bar, Whelen Justice LED RED/BLUE ALT.
Emergency Light, Whelen Linear LED 500 Series, Rear
Stop-Turn/Tail Light, LED
Work Light, on Body, LED 
Work Light, on Pump Panel, LED
Wig Wag Package
Siren and Speaker, with Hands Free controls
Back-up Alarm
Enclosure, Dash-Mounted, for Siren and Radio mounting, allows 3rd person to ride in chassis
Enclosure, Electrical Panel, with labels and color-coded wiring located inside the chassis
Dedicated Ground to the Battery
Master Disconnect, Ignition-operated
Electrical System, Body
Electrical System, Chassis
Reflective Striping, 4" on Body and Rear Bumper
Reflective Striping, Triple Stripe, on chassis doors
Body Preparation, Sandblast and Prime
Paint, Polyurethane, to meet fire department's specifications

Wheel Chock, Solid Bottom, Mounted (set of 2)
Fire Extinguisher, 5lb. Dry Chemical, with 40-B:C and mount bracket
First Aid Kit
Reflective Triangle Kit
Electric Tire Monitoring System, with Chassis-mounted Display
Pump UPGRADE, Hale HPX275 with Vanguard 35 hp engine
Pump UPGRADE, Dual Hale HPX200 with Briggs 23hp engine
Tank UPGRADE, Polypropylene, 1000 gallon, with sump
Foam Injection System, FoamPro 1601 with Foam Transfer Pump, one (1) 1-1/2" crosslay discharge
Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS), Accelerator System with VMAC VR70 underhood air compressor, one (1) 1-1/2" crosslay discharge (requires Foam Injection option) 
Plumbing UPGRADE, Stainless Steel
Water Level Indicators, Four Light, W/Mini Slave
Discharge UPGRADE, Preconnected, for two (2) 1" Whiplines in crosswalk
Tank Auto Fill, 2-1/2" Electric Valve
Pump Primer UPGRADE, Electric
Electric Valve for Tank to Pump (On/Off Butterfly)
Lower Storage Box, Left Front - Behind GenSet
Lower Storage Box, Right Front
Lower Storage Boxes, Rear (set of 2)
End Covers, Crosslay 
Front Bumper Grille Guard, Custom Flip-Down
Winch, 12,000 lb Ramsey, Mounted in Front Bumper
Monitor, Remote Control, Akron Forestry with Flat Disperse nozzle
Front Bumper Sweeps, Two (2) Corner Nozzles and Two (2) Center Nozzles (Front and Rear)
Tow Loop, Rear - Fixed (set of 2)
Lettering on Doors 
Special Lettering or Striping - Roof Lettering
Special Lettering or Striping - CHEVRON Rear Bumper/Bed Rail
Special Lettering or Striping - Roof and Rear
Abrasive Road Protection Package, includes nerf bars, front mud flaps and Superliner coating on headache rack and front of body 
Generator Package, Onan 5.5, with two LED Extenda-Lite PIONEER Plus 150 watt,120v AC  Scene Lights, breaker box and 4 plug outlet
Additional Receptacle, 2 Plug 
Electric Cord Reel, 30 Amp, 12-2 75’ Black- Beside Air Reel
Junction Box, Akron, with EJB-MT bracket & Internally Backlit Faces
Emergency, Light 500 V-Series 180 DEG~RED/BLUE Alt. - OVAL - CLEAR LENS (set of 10)
Wildland Fireline Light Package, two (2) lights on light bar platform-LED
Light Bar UPGRADE, Whelen Justice LED 
Siren UPGRADE, Howler/Rumbler
Directional Light Bar, LED - Whelen Traffic Advisor
Third Brake Light, Recessed
Flash Sequencing 
GoLight Spot Light, Mounted, with Dash-Mounted Remote-LED
Special Lighting Modification - 10" Baja
Reverse-Activated Rotators (Add Kill Switch)
Door Open Indicator UPGRADE, Audible Warning, Shock and Awe 
Automatic Work Lights
Auto Eject & Battery Maintainer
Air Hose Reel, 3/8" 50' Preconnected
Hose Reel, 1" 100', Aluminum
Spanner Wrench Set, Mounted
10 lb Fire Extinguisher w/ Mounting Bracket
Rubber Mallet, Mounted
Vulcan Flashlight, Mounted
Drip Torch, Mounted
Air Rescue Tools, Mounted 
20V Reciprocating Saw Kit, Mounted
2-1/2” 10 ft Clear Hard Suction 
2-1/2” Barrel Strainer for Hard Suction 
1702 Akron Turbojet Nozzle with Pistol Grip
1720 Akron Turbojet Nozzle with  Pistol Grip
Nozzle Bracket for 1702 Nozzle
2127 1-1/8 Straight Bore Nozzle w/1417 tip for CAFS
1714 Fog Nozzle Tip 
Air Blow Out 
Discharge, 2-1/2" Rear  (Akron)
Discharge, 1-1/2" Rear
Discharge, 1-1/2" Front
Compartment, Left and Right, with two (2) upswing doors per side
Compartment, Tank Top Incorporated, with two (2) up-swing doors, two (2) pull down steps, two (2) hand rails, Superliner on top of bed
Upper Storage Boxes, Aluminum (set of 2)
Light, Brow 50-inch - Installed above Light Bar within Roll-Over Protection Structure, On-Off-High Beam Control Switch
Light, Compartment (Front & Rear Lower Storage Boxes, Both Upper Storage Boxes)
UPGRADE, Door Open Indicator, Audible Warning, Shock and Awe (additional compartment door)
Rear Pump Controls
In-Cab Pump Control with Center Console
Passenger Air Ride Seat - National Ensign LO grey vinyl - Seat Specialist
Fold-a-Tank - 1,000 gallon
Paint Chassis - Two Tone (Black/Maroon)
Infrared Camera w/ Backup Camera- Mounted  To Monitor
Hand Tool Kit, Not Mounted
Black-Out Package
M9 V-Series (1-red, 1-blue)
UPGRADE, Front Lower Storage Box - Pull-out Rtic Cooler
Flexible Step Below Chassis Doors & Crosswalk
Upgrade Fireline Lights to LED - Nano 6 
Spare Tire Carrier - Mounted
Whelen CenCom Controller
Optimo Electronics Camera/DVR System

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