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Jasper FPD 2022-12-29

Jasper FPD 2022-12-29

Jasper FPD 2022-12-29
Location: Jasper, MO 64755
Model: B-56 Patriot
Chassis: 2022 Freightliner 108SD, Detriot DD8 7.7L 6 Cylinder Dual Stage Diesel Engine, 
Allison 3000 EVS Automatic Transmission with PTO Provision,
Crew Cab, 259" Wheelbase, 146" Cab to Axle, Pierce Red/Powder White, 53,000 GVWR
Delivered: 2022-12-29
Serial: 215604

Body, Welded
Material, Premium Structural and Sheet Steel
Crosswalk, Transverse
Compartments, Translength, on both sides of the body with two (2) 54" wide x 35" high door openings per compartment
Compartment, Tank, Recessed, for a low center of gravity
Crosslay, Central, in crosswalk area
Rear Bumper, 3" x 10" x 1/4" Steel Tube, attached to chassis frame
Hand Rail, Crosswalk
Platform, Light Bar, mounted on headache rack
Door, Swing-up, Aluminum, for 54" wide x 35" high door openings
Door, Swing-down, Aluminum, for upper rear access to compartments
Tank, Polypropylene, 800 gallon, with sump
Water Level Indicator, Tankvision
Pump Primer, Hand-Operated
Manifold, Discharge, and Steel Plumbing
Discharge, Preconnected, 2-1/2" Left
Discharge, Preconnected, 2-1/2" Right
Discharge, Preconnected, 1-1/2" Crosslay
Tank Fill, 2-1/2" Rear
Pump Panel, Custom, with flip-up lid, located in Crosswalk
Trim Package, Bright Aluminum Tread in Crosswalk and Compartments
Step, Manual Pull-Down, Rear
Flooring, Turtle Tile, in compartments
Coating Package, Superliner, on crosslay and rear bumper
Coating Package, Corashield, on underbody
Mud Flap, behind rear tire
Light Bar, Whelen Justice LED (NFPA compliant)
Emergency Light, Round Beacon, Super LED, at rear on top of compartments
Emergency Light, Whelen Linear LED 500 Series (add 2 for front bumper option)
Emergency Light, Alternating Rear Flashers
Stop-Turn/Tail Light, LED
Work Light, on Body, LED (add 2 for hose bed storage and 2 for front bumper)
Work Light, on Pump Panel, LED
Wig Wag Package
Siren and Speaker, with Hands Free controls
Back-up Alarm
Door Open Indicator, LED light mounted on dash
Enclosure, Dash-Mounted, for Siren and Radio mounting, allows 3rd person to ride in chassis
Enclosure, Electrical Panel, with labels and color-coded wiring located inside the chassis
Dedicated Ground to the Battery
Master Disconnect, Ignition-operated
Electrical System, Body
Electrical System, Chassis
Reflective Striping, Rear Bumper
Reflective Striping, Triple Stripe, in the center of the body
Reflective Striping, Triple Stripe, below chassis doors
Reflective Striping, 4", below body doors
Body Preparation, Sandblast and Prime
Paint, Polyurethane, to meet fire department's specifications

Tank UPGRADE, Polypropylene, 1500 gallon, with sump
Pump UPGRADE, 1000 GPM Midship
Custom Modification to Midship Pump
Foam Injection System, Hale 2.1 with Foam Transfer Pump
Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS), Accelerator System (requires Foam Injection option) 
Water Level Indicator, Four Light, One Location will include Mini Slave
Water Level Indicator, Four Light, Additional Locations
Lower Storage Boxes, Rear (set of 2)
Compartment Storage, Covered Top Hose Bed
Compartment Storage, Rear Access, Backboard
Special Compartment Modification - Ladder Storage
Front Bumper Grille Guard, Custom
Tow Loop, Rear - Fixed (set of 2)
Step, Manual Pull-Down & Grab Handle (2 recommended for rear bumper)
Generator Package, Onan 7.0, with two LED Extenda-Lite PIONEER Plus 150 watt,120v AC  Scene Lights, breaker box and 4 plug outlet
Flood Light LED, Telescoping Pole Tripod, Mounted (2 recommended per unit)
Additional Receptacle, 2 Plug (Passenger Side)(must have generator or auto eject)
Electric Cord Reel, 30 Amp, 12-2 75’ Black
Junction Box, Akron, with EJB-MT bracket & Internally Backlit Faces
Wildland Fireline Light Package, two (2) lights on light bar platform and 2 lights on rear - LED's
Light Bar UPGRADE, Whelen Justice LED (add 2 LED lights to front)
Directional Light Bar, LED, Recessed
ROTO-BEAM 600 LED Flat Mounted Light
GoLight Spot Light LED, Mounted, with Dash-Mounted Remote (NFPA)
Auto Eject & Battery Maintainer
Customer-Supplied Radio and Antenna Installation
Air Hose Reel, 3/8" 50' Preconnected
6 Foot Wrecking Bar, Mounted
Air Rescue Tools, Mounted (only available with CAFS)
Hammer Kit, Mounted
BEAST Kit, Mounted (External/Interior Attack System)
Spare SCBA Bottle Storage, Mounted in Cab
Chevron Striping Rear Side Compartments, Bumper & Bed Rail 
Chevron Striping Rear of Tank
Q Siren with Foot Switch
Hydraulic Hose Reel - Hannay F2018-19-20-8 RT, NO HOSE
Apollo Dual Inlet (2 1/2") Portable and Deck Monitor w/Ground Base - TIPS NOT INCLUDED
Front Cribbing
Console in Cab for Switches & Radios
Roof Ladder 14', Mounted - Little Giant Velocity
Spanner Wrench Set
Hose Bed Divider
Shelf in Front Passenger Compartment
Striping - Gold w/Black Outline on Chassis
SCBA Bracket
Mounting of FD Supplied Tools

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