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The B-12 is built on a 2 1/2 Ton Stewart Stevenson LMTV 4x4 chassis with a 500 gallon polypropylene tank.


Standard features include:

  • Hybrid Build (Super Structure welded steel & aluminum body) 

  • Crosswalk, BATROPS, which complies with SAE J1194 in the seated or standing positions in two (2) “Pump and Roll Fire Attack Operational Areas”

  • Recessed Polypropylene 500 gallon tank with 20" x 24" x 6" sump with 100% usage factor 

  • Crosslay, Transverse, 10”, in crosswalk area

  • Rear Bumper, 3” x 10” x ¼” Steel Tube attached to chassis frame

  • Receiver Tube, Rear Bumper

  • Chest Saddle, Safety Gate, Crosswalk

  • Harness, Body, 4 Point with three (3) retractors per side, six (6) total retractors

  • Water, Level Indicator, Trankvision

  • Pump Primer, Hand-Operated

  • Manifold, Discharge, and Steel Plumbing

  • Discharge, Preconnected, 1-1/2” Crosslay

  • Discharge, Preconnected, 1” Whipline in crosswalk

  • Suction, 2-1/2” Pump to Draft, with full port valve

  • Suction, 3” Tank to Pump, with full port valve

  • Pump Panel, Custom, with flip-up lid, located in Crosswalk

  • Trim Package, Bright Aluminum Tread in Crosswalk and Rear Deck

  • Trim Package, Stainless Steel Chip Rails

  • Coating Package, Superliner, on crosslay and rear bumper

  • Mud Flap, behind rear tire

  • Light Bar, Whelen Justice LED (NFPA compliant)

  • Emergency Light, Whelen Linear LED 500 Series, two (2) per side of bed (driver/passenger) and two (2) rear bumper

  • Stop-Turn/Tail Light, LED

  • Work Light, on Body, LED (add 2 for front bumper)

  • Work Light, on Pump Panel, LED

  • Siren and Speaker

  • Back-up Alarm

  • Under Roll Bar Box, Left – for electrical box

  • Enclosure, Electrical Panel, with labels and color, coded wiring located inside under roll bar (driver’s side)

  • Move Battery Box and Fuel Tank

  • Dedicated Ground to the Battery

  • Master Disconnect, Ignition-operated

  • Electrical System, Body

  • Electrical System, Chassis

  • Reflective Striping, 4” on Body and Rear Bumper

  • Reflective Striping, 6” on chassis doors

  • Body Preparation, Sandblast and Prime – does not include Chassis preparation, sandblasting, priming or painting

Pump – 

*Other chassis manufacturers are available such as Dodge or International.

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