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The B-25 is built on a chassis with a 60-64 inch cab to axle measurement, dual rear wheels and 14,500 GVW or higher. The B-25 is a dry box rescue body and is usually built on a Ford F-450 or F-550 chassis*.


Standard Features include:

  • Body, Welded

  • Material, Premium Structural and Sheet Steel

  • Compartments, U-shaped Translength/Transverse, with two (2) 44” wide x 35” high door openings per side and one (1) 54” x 35” high door opening at the rear

  • Door, Swing-up, Aluminum, for four (4) 44” wide x 35” high door openings and one (1) 54” wide x 35” high door opening

  • Door, Aluminum, for upper rear access to compartments (1 per side)

  •  Rear Bumper, 3” x 10” x ¼” Steel Tube, attached to chassis frame

  • Receiver Tube, Rear Bumper

  • Platform, Light Bar, Removable

  • Trim Package, Bright Aluminum Tread in Compartments

  • Trim Package, Stainless Steel Chip Rails

  • Flooring, Turtle Tile, in compartments

  • Coating Package, Corashield, on underbody

  • Mud Flap, behind rear tire

  • Light Bar, Whelen Justice LED (NFPA compliant)

  • Emergency Light, Round Beacon, Super LED, at rear on top of compartments

  • Emergency Light, Whelen Linear LED 500 Series

  • Emergency Light, Alternating Rear Flashers

  • Stop-Turn/Tail Light, LED

  • Work Light, on Body, LED (add 2 for front bumper)

  • Work Light, in Compartments, LED

  • Wig Wag Package

  • Siren and Speaker, with Hands Free controls

  • Back-up Alarm

  • Door Open Indicator, LED light mounted on dash

  • Enclosure, Dash-Mounted, for Radio mounting, allows 3rd person to ride in chassis

  • Enclosure, Electrical Panel, with labels and color-coded wiring located inside of chassis

  • Dedicated Ground to the Battery

  • Master Disconnect, Ignition-operated

  • Electrical System, Body

  • Electrical System, Chassis

  • Reflective Striping, 4” below body doors, 1” on Rear Bumper and Triple Stripe in the center of the body

  • Reflective Striping, Triple Stripe, on chassis doors

  • Body Preparation, Sandblast and Prime

  • Paint, Polyurethane, to meet fire department’s specifications

*Other chassis manufacturers are available such as Dodge or International.

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