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Blanchat in Action 

Watch owner Greg Blanchat demonstrate the innovative Blanchat Accelerator-Controller in this live burn highlight video! 

Protecting an exposure!

Some quick stats: 

  • 100 - year - old barn 

  • Full of old straw 

  • Two large brush piles full of cedar trees & lumber lit on fire

  • Structure protected with less than 75 gallons of water

The Blanchat Accelerator-Controller

The Force Multiplier System consists of the following components: FoamPro 1601 foam injection system (a separate option), VMAC underhood rotary screw air compressor with 70 CFM at 100 psi and the Blanchat Accelerator-Controller.


The Blanchat Accelerator-Controller system has a compact design, which allows for easy installation on almost any application.  From wildland to structure fires, the accelerator system has many benefits, including:



The Blanchat Accelerator-Controller system is the simplest, most dependable foam-generating device on the market. No balancing valves, tweaking, or pressure adjustments. Unlike other systems on the market, the accelerator system generates Compressed Air Foam without the need for balanced water and air pressures. The principles of physics precisely match these pressures during flow. Water pressure can be set from 100 to over 200 PSI while air pressure can range from 100 to 175 PSI without stopping the flow of Compressed Air Foam. Foam is generated inside the accelerator system, and is properly mixed when it enters the hose. There is no minimum hose length needed to mix air and solution water. Just start the pump, turn on the foam proportioner, start the air flow, and Compressed Air Foam is available immediately.



The Blanchat Accelerator-Controller is constructed of stainless steel, with no moving parts to wear out. The accelerator system is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. It uses the principles of physics to produce compressed air foam - no balancing valves, pressure adjustments, minimum hose lengths for scrubbing or the need for a scrubber, no tweaking or guesswork.


The accelerator system has the ability to produce compressed air foam without water and air pressures being equal. The accelerator system produces Compressed Air Foam with a smaller, more uniform bubble structure than other systems. The smaller the bubbles, the greater the surface area available for heat absorption, and the thicker the blanket for insulating and smothering effect. Thereby, producing a more effective firefighting stream with greater knockdown ability than any other system available.



Simultaneous or independent flows of air, water, foam solution water, or Compressed Air Foam are available at any time during operation. Fluctuating pressure from the opening of any line, hydrant or air, will not affect the flow of CAF.



The Blanchat Accelerator-Controller system foam generating device has a lifetime warranty with the apparatus on which it is originally installed, to be free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal operating conditions. Should the unit fail due to defects in materials or workmanship a replacement unit will be provided at no charge. Labor and additional expenses required for replacement are not covered. Damage due to misuse or neglect will void this warranty. Adjustable models contain “O-rings” that are not covered under the terms of this warranty.


Your existing truck can be fitted with the Blanchat Accelerator-Controller system as long as it has a water pump, foam injection system and an air compressor. Contact us for more information specific to your needs.

Watch our 10 car burn! 

Some quick stats:

  • 312 car tires

  • Dishwashing soap/water

  • 370 gallons used

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The Blanchat Accelerator-Controller?

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Protecting an exposure
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