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blanchat bumper
The Blanchat Bumper may be applied to the Chaparral and Minuteman Series as an option. The completed bumper assembly is powder coated Starburst Silver.

The Blanchat Bumper can be installed with a Ramsey electric winch with a twelve foot remote control switch, a 150 foot aircraft cable and a 4-way roller fairlead. Notice how the Blanchat Bumper winch assembly only adds an extra 7 inches from the factory front bumper because of its recessed winch design. See pictures at right.

The Blanchat Bumper option can also be had with Front Bumper Sweeps (a separate option) applied to each side of the assembly.


The BLESS (Blanchat Lift Emergency Stabilizing System) is an entirely new tactical approach towards stabilization and recovery in an emergency rescue scene.

It consists of poles which mount to the front bumper of the chassis. They allow the winch to pull objects in an upward motion, i.e. from a hole or off the side of a bridge.

The winch is highly functional with the BLESS because it can also be used in a tripod configuration.

  • The BLESS in the Power Lift configuration enables one to lift an object of higher magnitude in an otherwise unacceptable area.
  • The BLESS in the Recovery configuration allows for movement.

The BLESS poles are stored in a tray designed particularly for them in the upper part of the driver's side strorage compartment.