Who is
Blanchat Mfg., Inc.?
Blanchat Mfg., Inc. entered the manufacturing field in 1978. Over the next several years, we manufactured various types of farm equipment while working diligently on the design and engineering of interface fire equipment.

The manufacturing of the Blanchat interface fire equipment began in earnest in 1986. The company incorporated in 1988 and began producing fire equipment. The next decade brought more of a demand for fire equipment, phasing-out farm equipment production.

Blanchat Mfg., Inc. engineered the BATROPS in 1989, long before any other company thought of it or attempted to introduce it. Like most of our product features, the concept of the BATROPS came about as a result of an incident in the fire-fighting field. These features have set us apart in the fire apparatus manufacturing business.

There are numerous groundbreaking designs implemented on a day-to-day basis by Blanchat Mfg., Inc. These designs are based on our continued persistence to improve the quality and safety of our products, and most importantly, the user-friendly aspects for the firefighters that use our products.

We achieve this through our in-house engineering and also from feedback we receive from all of the fire departments that own our interface fire equipment. Most of all, our in-field experience on a real life emergency scene is where we get the genuine impact of what is needed in the industry.

Our main goal is to create trucks that are the most functional, no matter what the emergency response requires. It will be the right equipment to respond with minimum manpower to handle the situation and maintain a high level of safety for the firefighters that use the equipment. The confidence of a firefighter is a very crucial part of handling any type of emergency. This is where a user-friendly piece of equipment becomes vital.

We can prove our superiority with a live demonstration by placing our product side by side with the competition. This alone will demonstrate our equipment's capabilities and not a focus on marketing. The safety, durability, and user-friendliness of our equipment is Blanchat Mfg., Inc.' s top priority.

Tullahassee FD, OK 74454
B-3 Chaparral
Delivered: 12-29-2011
Spiritwood FD (Canada), SK S0J 2
B-5 Chaparral
Delivered: 12-7-2011
Spivey, KS 67142
B-3 Chaparral Titus
Delivered: 11-21-2011
Frankford, WV 24938
B-27 Minuteman
Delivered: 11-11-2011
Madison (Morgan County FR), GA 30650
B-5 Chaparral
Delivered: 10-28-2011

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